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Meet the Judges


Jason Schafer 


This grey beard is no stranger to the Isanti County Fair.  He grew up just


East on Highway 95 from Cambridge. 

Jason has competed in numerous beard competitions across the USA, bring


home some admirable titles and trophies.  Jason will be bringing back his


experience and expertise to the judging panel at the 2022 Blue Ribbon


Beard Bonanza.   

image0 (1).jpeg

Jessica Hefner

This tattoo enthusiast, lover of fast cars, good food, punk rock and mother of two


girls spends her free time playing volleyball, entertaining friends and


family, trying out new restaurants.  

The Blue Ribbon Beard Bonanza is excited to introduce "Hef" to the world of


competitive bearding!!



Kurt Roettjer

You all know him as The Bearded Laser, The Bearded Defender, and the Corn


King.  As Disabled Vet and Retired Police Officer he was forced to shave every


day for 18 years. This married father of two kids has vowed to never see his


chin again.  TRIM is a four letter word that is not uttered in his household.


"Bearded is Better!"

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